Opendns Filtering by time Suggestion that should not be hard to make available to Web Gui



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    "making this available on the OpenDNS web interface should be an easy feature to add."

    Sure, that would be the easiest part of that feature.  But having it on the web interface still doesn't change the operation.  The main reason is the local caches and long TTL values for many DNS entries which will cause many if not most filtering changes to appear delayed.  OpenDNS would be constantly bombed with support requests from technical laymen like "filtering by time does not work".  Understandable that they refrain from offering this feature.

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    I would have to say I disagree.  Even a 1 hour lag time would still be nice to have.  I really don't want to replace my expensive Wireless Routers/Access Points for this.  NetGear products suck too.

    Guess OpenDNS won't be my solution.

    Plus can't use Plex after pointing to openDNS.  

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