Whatsapp backup fail



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    The domain proxy.googlezip.net is (falsely?) categorized as Proxy/Anonymizer.

    You either uncheck this category, or you add proxy.googlezip.net or googlezip.net to your "never block" list, as you did.

    "anyone had the same problem ?"

    Sure, everybody has the same problem who has category Proxy/Anonymizer blocked and trying to perform WhatsApp backup on Android devices.  This is easily reproducible.  And this is all totally normal under the given circumstances.  Not sure why the domain has been approved in this category, but likely due to the "proxy" part of the name...

    Fingers crossed that you do not use the FamilyShield addresses, but the normal ones.  Else adding the domain to the whitelist is useless, because FamilyShield generally blocks the Proxy/Anonymizer category, regardless of your dashboard settings.

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    Confirmed, by whitelisting, proxy.googlezip.net, the automatic backup of WhatsApp worked well. Thank you!!!

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