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    You're talking to other users like you here, so we can only guess why OpenDNS do not allow a hostname reference.

    I can see these reasons:

    • It is for security reasons, because they have no control over who has control over the 3rd party hostname.  There could be an attacker who dispossesses the hostname and also would cause that the OpenDNS network would be assigned a wrong IP address, therefore ignoring the settings.  As you can update OpenDNS only from within the network you are going to update, the existing process is the most secure to ensure that the IP address of your network is really yours.  This is what OpenDNS and you have control over, but not if a 3rd party hostname is being used.
    • OpenDNS only sees your IP address from your DNS queries, not your hostname.  This means: using a hostname to update your OpenDNS network would require a significant software change at OpenDNS and would cause a huge increase of their network traffic volume.  They had to query your hostname in short intervals or with every DNS query to obtain the IP address of your hostname, so that they are able to associate your DNS traffic with your settings.  Pretty clear that this is not really feasible without significant process changes and capacity increase.

    Why do you ask this question?  Are you having troubles to update OpenDNS with your IP address information?  There are many options to do this.  Your router is just one of them.

    If you want to talk to OpenDNS staff directly, you raise a ticket, link "Submit a request" above.

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