Resolv domain via HTTP GET? (instead of DNS)



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    So, you're saying that if OpenDNS would be able to accept DNS queries as HTTP/HTTPS requests that you are already prepared to send them and to accept the responses too?  If so, I'm interested in how your "embedded systems, and OS-less systems" environment looks like.  If not, what's the point?

    Also, implementing the telnet or HTTP/HTTPS protocols is even more huge and overweight than the ancient native DNS protocol.  Did you know?

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    plouf (Edited )


    yes, by telnet i mean RAW data protocol,

    http raw GET, can be as simple as opening a socket and send 1 string like "GET /?\r\nHTTP/1.0\r\n"
    telnet raw data , like opening a socket and send "\r\n"

    then get ip back as number or null terminated string again (?!)

    way simpler than anything else.(that why i did NOT said about HTTPS ;-))


    as for embeded systems, i mean deck phones, alarm systems, a mouse etc, aynthing that has a simple cpu and VERY little memory 1-2-4 kb, way too low for implementing an OS

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    And you're saying that your "deck phones, alarm systems, a mouse etc" already support this kind of name resolution method or can be easily enabled to support it?  I.e. if OpenDNS said we can support HTTP GET from tomorrow, would you be prepared to use it from the client side from tomorrow on too?

    And btw, a raw data HTTP GET is far from being secure and can easily be intercepted.  Not sure if a security oriented company like Cisco/OpenDNS would rather see a risk to support this.  It would open more holes than close them.

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