Only 1 LAN PC blocks websites, others don't



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "it should use same OpenDNS if they are all set to automatically look up for DNS. Is it correct?"

    Not necessarily.  Especially not as you use two devices, a modem and a router.  And I have heard about strange things regarding router firmware...

    "why does the websites block only work on PC1 (LAN) but doesn't work on the rest of devices?"

    For example, because the one PC is connected wired, whereas the rest is connected wireless?  Or because they have different network configurations, for example IPv6 enabled or not?  Or they have individual additional DNS server addresses configured?   Or you run an antivirus program on one PC and not on another intercepting your DNS traffic?  Or even more reasons?  There are so many!

    Copy & paste the complete plain text outputs of the following diagnostic commands to here, from a PC where it does not work:

    nslookup -type=txt
    netsh interface ipv4 show config


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    ken36 (Edited )

    Thanks for the response! I have attached the screenshots per requested.


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    You attempt to use both at the same time, Netgear Live Parental Controls and OpenDNS Home.  This does not work, as these services are incompatible.  You must decide for only one of these services to use.

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    It looks like sometimes more is less. I turned off Parental Controls and it works for the rest of the wifi-connect devices. 


    Thanks so much Rotblitz! Have a great weekend!

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