half working, apple airport or dsl modem where do I apply


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    The preference is to configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses on the WAN side, because configuring external DNS resolvers on the DHCP/LAN side impacts or breaks local name resolution.  This is the scenario that you "can see my devices pick it up".  They don't need to.  It is just important that your DNS queries land at OpenDNS.
    You test this by visiting http://welcome.opendns.com/ on the end user devices.

    If your modem can be configured with DNS server addresses, then configure them there, especially if the device is in NAT mode, not in bridged mode.  Else configure DNS on the WAN side of the router.  Only if this is not possible, configure DNS on the DHCP/LAN side of the router.

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