DNS-o-matic with three services - only OpenDNS works.



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    The problem is not with DNS-O-Matic and the services you have configured, but solely with the DDNS update client you're using, i.e. your router.  According to the API and in order to update all your services at DNS-O-Matic, the hostname must be all.dnsomatic.com or none/blank.  It looks like you're using your OpenDNS network label as hostname instead, causing that only OpenDNS is being updated.

    The update URL to be used:




     "Has anyone used DNS-o-matic with multiple services, specifically including one of ChangeIP or No-IP"

    Yes, me, 12 or so services, not No-IP, but a bunch of others.

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    Thank you, thank you.  Worked like a charm.  The hostname was prefilled and I didn't think to research it.

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    jaska915 (Edited )

    Hello everyone,

    I've been using DNS-O-Matic for few years now for updating OpenDNS, and it's been working like charm. DDNS client has been routers (now Asus, and Buffalo with DD-WRT before this) built in one.

    Now I needed access to my VPN server at home, so I registered domain name from dy.fi, and added dy.fi to DNS-O-Matic's services. Everything seems to be fine, correct ip listed for both services there.

    Except, dy.fi gets nonsense ip update from DNS-O-Matic, for example and, which seem to belong to Opendns and Amazon. And this happens every time, I've never seen my actual ip (80.220.*.*) getting updated to there.

    Hostname for DDNS is, and has always been, all.dnsomatic.com

    I have no idea what to do next, but maybe someone here can at least point to right direction?

    edit: seems that these kind of problems have also been experienced by others last year, but should have been fixed by now?

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Not sure why you added this to this thread instead of opening your own - but be it!

    The following two sentences are in contrast to each other:

    1. "Everything seems to be fine, correct ip listed for both services there."
      What does the historical log of dy.fi at DNS-O-Matic say?
    2. "dy.fi gets nonsense ip update from DNS-O-Matic, for example and"
      How do you obtain this information?
      Does an update work if you perform the update from a web browser, like:
      hostname.dy.fi  or
      =hostname.dy.fi  (not all.dnsomatic.com)

    How do these two statements get together?  Either the IP address of your dy.fi hostname is correct, or it is not.

    Another idea comes to mind that the dy.fi service is exclusively for Finnish users, so if your IP address is not treated to be located in Finland, or if you are behind a proxy, or if they treat the DNS-O-Matic source IP address as yours instead of the one in the myip parameter, the update will not work, and the log at DNS-O-Matic would probably show this.

    To look deeper into this by us other users, you would have to provide your dy.fi hostname and the log from DNS-O-Matic and maybe more information.  If you don't want to reveal this information, your only other chance is to open a support ticket, link "Submit a request" above, so that staff can check this and your account.

    "edit: seems that these kind of problems have also been experienced by others last year, but should have been fixed by now?"

    Really?  Can you point me to the related threads?  I do not recall to have seen something similar or equal to your issue.

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    Just saw first seemingly suitable thread ;)

    1. "80.220.xxx.xxx, Apr 4, 2019 5:39 pm, OK"
    and so on...

    2. "good 80.220.xxx.xxx"


    What this means is that everything SHOULD be ok, but it's not.

    Maybe two pictures will say more...

    DNS-O-Matic, after "successful" update,


    and dy.fi, after "succesful" update from DNS-O-Matic,


    And yes, dy.fi is for finnish users, and I'm in Finland.

    Support ticket is good idea, didn't see that yesterday.

    And thread, which I found after I posted to this, seems somewhat related to my issue,


    If I understand correctly...maybe not.

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    Indeed, this thread seems to be more related to your issue.  It seems to be what I already assumed above, that dy.fi "treat the DNS-O-Matic source IP address as yours instead of the one in the myip parameter".  They seem to apply IP address recognition from the source where the update is sent from.  And this is DNS-O-Matic, of course.  Weird that they accept these non-Finnish IP addresses nevertheless...

    Sadly, this is nothing we other users can help with, so you must raise a support ticket, maybe also with dy.fi, so that dy.fi and Cisco/OpenDNS staff can look at it, the latter at your account and at DNS-O-Matic and possibly deal with dy.fi to get this repaired.

    It would be good if you posted a follow-up if and when your issue has been resolved, unlike with the other thread.

    Btw, you can post pictures directly here.  With using an image upload service you risk this not being seen, because one may have blocked such services through OpenDNS...


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    I've already connected dy.fi about this, haven't had any response yet.

    Next support ticket to OpenDNS.


    Thanks anyway, just hoped that someone might have had same kind of issue in the past and could give some hint what to do.

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