Are multiple user accounts/filtering levels possible?



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "a Netgear router with OpenDNS"

    A Netgear router is a hardware device, whereas OpenDNS is an online service.  I.e. there are no "Netgear routers with OpenDNS".  However, Netgear routers may have a Live Parental Controls feature which uses parts of the OpenDNS cloud service.  Or it uses Disney Circle.  It's your choice.  But it's not a topic to be discussed in detail here.  Just in brief:

    "Is it possible to vary the parental filter strictness by device, so that kids devices filter more categories than adult devices?"

    Yes, this is what Netgear say.  You can configure filtering levels based on device.

    "is it possible (and painless) to switch filter levels back and forth depending on who is using the device?"

    Yes, this is what Netgear say, but you even don't need to switch back and forth.  (Would you need this switching, and why?)  You can create bypass accounts, each with a specific filtering level.
    See - from step 10

    Please note that these features can vary depending on the router model, so select the right model for your purposes.  See the "This article applies to:" links on the right side of the above mentioned pages. 

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    Thanks for the prompt and detailed response!

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