OpenDNS and Private Internet Access VPN


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    If you're using a VPN service, then you're using by default the DNS service configured by the VPN service provider through the VPN tunnel which is normally not OpenDNS.  What else?

    If you want to use OpenDNS with a VPN service, you need to configure also your network settings of the VPN connection with OpenDNS, not on the router, but on the computer where you use the VPN service.  Please note that DNS traffic does no longer go through the VPN tunnel then, i.e. it is not encrypted and secured by the VPN connection but is as if you didn't use a VPN service.  Web and other traffic is still through the VPN tunnel though.

    And yes, for sure, there are guides about how to configure OpenDNS on a computer.

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