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    Here are related knowledge base articles:

    Answering briefly to your questions.  (More information can be found by searching the web.
    Search for "what happens when you visit a web site".)

    1. OpenDNS and the OpenDNS stats are just about your DNS traffic, never about other traffic like web or mail traffic or so.  DNS is the phone book of the internet, not the phone lines.  Consequently, the number of requests is about how many times a domain has been looked up in DNS during the selected time window (i.e. the number of looks into the internet's phone book).
    2. DNS lookups are normally not raised by humans, but by networking programs each time they need information about a domain like its IP address(es).  Therefore you cannot derive what has originally caused a specific DNS lookup.  Also, every DNS lookup is a "direct" lookup.  As said, DNS doesn't know what causes a DNS lookup.
    3. No.  The DNS protocol just contains the domain name, not anything web related like a URL to a certain object.
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