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    "Is there a way to set up specific website blocking based on a schedule? IE block the .io domain between 9pm and say 6pm?"

    According to the Netgear instructions there is a way:

    "And am not sure how to get these games categorized appropriately, Hopefully there is a better process then just community voting as there are literally hundreds of these games."

    Yes, there is a better process: you raise a support ticket, link "Submit a request" above.

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    add to black list entry "io"


    I did that and my kids went crazy !!! It worked.


    However get ready for mutiny.

    It prompted them to hack my password to opendns.

    (and opened parent email to change the psw) (get the link)


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    hmmm. just tried the ticket option


    to classify zoombsroyale.io as a game.



    I will check in few days. Praying that it works.


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