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    "what is listed in domains is not necessarily exactly what is looked up"

    Not correct.  The domains are exactly what was looked up, but not necessarily what has been accessed (via another protocol like HTTP e.g. in a web browser or like IMAP/POP/SMTP with a mail client).

    "Why would domains not show up each day, when net is used, if IP is updated?"

    Some devices may not use OpenDNS at all or not consistently which can have several reasons.  Or your current IP address is not always registered, although you think it is.  Especially if another IP address is registered, DNS traffic from someone else can be captured.

    To see if your devices are using OpenDNS, visit on each of them.

    "Does Opendns offer a package that would allow me to see what sites are definitely accessed by people on my network?"

    No, because DNS in general is not about accessing sites, but about looking up domains, e.g. to obtain the IP address for a domain name.  DNS is the phone book of the internet, not the phone lines.

    "would setting up a proxy on a PC in my home allow me to view all activity?"

    Yes, definitely, not all activity, but web browsing activity.  Take a look at this:

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    Thank you Rotblitz. I have learned a lot from your assistance on many posts and I actually was hoping you would see mine. I will be looking at this link soon! Also, if you have just one more minute, could you answer one more question? If something like this is in the domain list, all I know is it was a video. I have researched and tried to understand what exactly this information is and isn't. But I have discovered that if I copy and paste it in YouTube, it pulls up certain videos. Does this mean these are the videos watched? There are hundreds, I just selected one without questionable content to post here.

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    This and similar ones are definitely domains where YouTube videos are hosted on.  Unless these domains appeared as part of links on a YouTube search list and have been predictively looked up, there are good chances that they also have been accessed and actually watched.

    Btw, if I enter in the browser address bar, I just get an HTTP 404 error from Google, not a video.  Not sure how you could get to the video without knowing the full URL.

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    I get the same message about the error, however, when searching in YouTube it takes me straight to a small group of videos. After some reading and playing around with the links, I believe someone is using a redirector. Many of these links take me to the same video, despite different letters and/or numbers in the links, and different days accessed. Also, when copying and pasting other things found in my domains list, I came across an article discussing how to redirect videos. I will be installing telerik on my PC today, I am hoping this will give me more clarity than what I'm doing now.

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