Hourly / time reporting of domains being looked up



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    OpenDNS VIP is not the new Premium DNS, but Premium DNS is now called DNS Monitoring.
    This is free and comes with detailed activity logs, with date/time stamp and everything, but not with content filtering.

    Btw, OpenDNS Home VIP does not have additional reporting beyond the free version.  And it is not $20 per user but $19.95 per household per year.

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    Thanks @rotblitz, interesting info.  Though given PremiumDNS doesn't offer content filtering, it seems a little pointless tbh.  Clearly the content filtering is the primary requirement in a home family environment; I'd just like to know what's going on in the early hours of the occasional morning. I asked OpenDNS support about the per-hour reporting, and they suggested I log it as a feature request, so I did.  

    As it happens I couldn't actually create a PremiumDNS account as I already have an OpenDNS account, and I couldn't see in the portal settings how to switch subscriptions.

    You're right re the $19.95/yr for OpenDNS VIP, I was thinking of the OpenDNS Umbrella Prosumer product. I'd happy pay that if it had the detailed activity logs as well as content filtering.

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    To use DNS Monitoring (former Premium DNS) you logoff from your account and create another OpenDNS account with a different e-mail address.  Alternatively, raise a support ticket, link "Submit a request" above, as you did before, to request also DNS Monitoring for your existing account.  You can then switch between dashboards, use the one primarily for monitoring and the other for content filtering.

    And yes, Prosumer comes with activity monitoring and content filtering, but only for specific Windows and Mac OSX computers where you have to install additional software to make it work.  It does not cover your whole network as OpenDNS Home (VIP) and DNS Monitoring do.


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    > request also DNS Monitoring for your existing account.


    Is this possible with the free home opendns (with filtering)?  Because I prefer a monitor and alert style with children above blacklisting.


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