OpenDNS Server Not Resolving Hostnames to Correct IP addresses



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    Strange, domain is not categorized at all.

    Whatever, it looks like you inherited a dynamic IP address which is still registered with another user account's dashboard, so you are using this user's settings.

    You raise a support ticket, link "Submit a request" above, to report this case.  They may correct the categorization stuff and may release your IP address from registration.

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    Very strange.   I have not even configured anything in my dashboard as the only reason I registered was to try and open a ticket.  It only happened on 2 of maybe 200 routers that use OpenDNS DNS servers.  I figured I would post here first.  


    Anyways the issue is no longer occurring today.  I cannot continue to use OpenDNS server though. 


    Thank you.

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    So, did you raise a support ticket because of the suspected glitch?  You really should!
    I cannot, because I do not face this issue and cannot reproduce it.

    The domain should never resolve to, because it is not categorized at all and therefore would not be able to produce this result.

    Also, unless your VoIP provider explicitly requires to use a proxy server, you don't need to configure one.  You just configure the SIP registration server.  Bad enough if this and the proxy server have the same domain name and still resolve to

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    I might raise a ticket.  VoIP provider has SIP server redundancy via DNS SRV.  In order to take advantage we need to register using the outbound proxy server hostname instead of IP address direct so the phones can attempt to register with the primary or secondary IPs for the SIP servers.  Registration server and proxy server are kind of the same thing in this case. 

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