Cannot get OpenDNS to work


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Correct, you're not using OpenDNS, but Comcast's DNSv6 service, as clearly can be seen:

    Address: 2001:558:feed::1

    You forgot to configure the IPv6 settings and have only configured the IPv4 setttngs.  If you have dual-stack connectivity and want to use content filtering, you currently must use DNS server addresses from the following list for the IPv6 configuration of your router or your end user devices: 
    ::ffff:d043:dedc   ::ffff:d043:dcde   ::ffff:d043:dede   ::ffff:d043:dcdc

    Also, as of Netgear, Netgear LPC does not work with IPv6 yet, so don't use it.  And Netgear LPC is incompatible with OpenDNS anyway.  You would be able to use either the one or the other.

    "I have called both Comcast and NETGEAR to try to diagnose the problem.  Comcast believes this is a router issue.  NETGEAR refuses to help without paying an exorbitant fee because their support is a scam."

    LOL, yes, sometimes the best things are for free and most efficient, e.g. support by another OpenDNS user like me.  ;-)

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