Update dynamic DNS record from remote location



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    You cannot update the IP address information at your dashboard from remote.  This is intentional for security reasons.  The updates must come from the IP address you want to propagate, to prove that it is your current IP address.

    That said, you must run an Updater within the network you want to keep updated.  Your options are built-in DDNS clients on the router or a NAS, DVR, IP camera, etc. or a software on a computer or other device being in your network and switched on all the time.  The update client must support at least one of OpenDNS, DNS-O-Matic or "custom / user defined".

    "Is there no way to manually edit the network IP address on the OpenDNS server so that I can input the correct details?"

    Yes, there is!  You login remotely to your home network or get another person in your network to do the following:
    Start any web browser on any device, and visit this URL:


    You will be asked for your OpenDNS credentials then, and the update takes effect.

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    That all makes logical sense, and thanks for the detailed reply.

    Sadly, none of it works for me!

    - none of my home IP devices support OpenDNS or dnsomatic (Asus router, a couple of webcams, a Zyxel NAS) - some of them support other DDNS updates, but not OpenDNS / dnsomatic / custom

    - I don’t want to pass my credentials to anyone else, so getting someone else in my network to log in isn’t a practical solution

    - I understand the security rationale I suppose - if I could manually update it then I could either intentionally or unintentionally disrupt someone else’s service by using their WAN address if they were also an OpenDNS customer

    It frustrates me as much as I’m sure it frustrates you that DDNS clients on IP devices often don’t accommodate OpenDNS - I wish more did as the service is fantastic!!


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    No, it doesn't frustrate me.  My router supports it fantastically.  And also you still did not run out of options.

    • Flash your router with alternative firmware being able to perform the updates.
      For example ASUS-Merlin, DD-WRT or Tomato.
    • Also for your NAS firmware an extension may be available.
    • Set up a remote connection to your home network, for example a VPN connection.  Then you can login remotely to manually perform updates.
    • Use an old PC with an Updater on it and keep it running all the time.
    • Buy another router.
    • Obtain a static IP address from your ISP.  This makes DDNS updates obsolete, but it is not for free.
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    LOL, I know those options are there.  But they aren’t palatable.

    Flashing the firmware has risks (small I know, but nevertheless)

    I’ve explored all options for the NAS already - there are no updates or extensions that will work

    VPN would work, but I don’t think it is a a good use of electricity to keep a 230W PC powered up just for the occasional VPN dial in

    Ditto for another PC

    I don’t want to throw away the money I spent on the router and buy a new one!

    My ISP doesn’t permit static IPs

    I can live with it - but it isn’t worth changing my whole setup just for the occasional change of dynamic DNS that my infrastructure doesn’t support!!

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    "Flashing the firmware has risks (small I know, but nevertheless)"

    Consider to take that risk.  I would do it.  The chances to gain much more are far bigger than the risks.

    "VPN would work, but I don’t think it is a good use of electricity to keep a 230W PC powered up"

    Correct, but I didn't think about a PC, just the router if this has VPN server capability (as mine has).  As soon as you connect via VPN from remote to the router, you're part of your LAN and can perform updates from the remote computer.

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