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    What does "dm" mean?

    Check at if this device uses OpenDNS at all.

    If so, visit to find related Instagram domains to be blocked.

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    meg (Edited )

    If this happened on his phone, OpenDNS is only going to work when he's connected to your home WiFi and not when he's connected to your cellular network. Instagram's messaging is only found on the phone app, although there are some third-party desktop applications that handle this. Unfortunately, there's no way to disable direct messaging, so the only way to ensure he won't use Instagram's DM feature is to remove the app from his device. 

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    hung2b (Edited )

    > Issues with teen son


    He can boot his computer with a flashdrive circumventing all local control (which would also leave no trace of flirting or porn)

    search google: boot tails

    There are parent-centric mobile MNVOs to enable content filtering and DNS blocking. 

    or take away the smart phone trading in a dumb dial phone.

    it's probably too late to install chastity values


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