ddclient in Debian not able to update IP to OpenDNS


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    I can see two key messages.

    updating <network_name>: Could not connect to updates.opendns.com.

    This looks like ddclient is being prevented to reach out to the internet, maybe by a firewall.

    WARNING: file /var/cache/ddclient/ddclient.cache, line 3: Invalid Value for keyword 'ip' = ''

    This is just a warning, maybe because it is the first time ddclient is being used, so the previous IP address may be an empty string.  But it should not reoccur after an IP address has been found.

    See also https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360040994471
    You may need to change from HTTP/1.0 to HTTP/1.1

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