new IP address not recognised; OpenDNS not blocking sites


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Registering an IP address must come from the IP address you're going to register. 

    In order to change your IP address information at OpenDNS, ensure that you enabled "Dynamic IP Update" for your network under Advanced Settings at your dashboard.  Then you can change the IP address for your network at (click the green arrows icon between the old and the new IP address), or you can update your network by using an update client or by visiting the following URL in a web browser, all from the IP address you're going to register.

    If you're still facing troubles, I need to know the exact error message or error code being returned.


    "our new IP address, which I tried to add"

    You cannot really add an IP address, but you can update your existing dashboard network with another IP address information.

    "because the IP address did not match the old IP address"

    No, this is not and never the reason.  You apparently did not come from the new IP address, but probably from another.  Or your new IP address is already registered by another OpenDNS user.

    "I was told by a OpenDNS user that it could take up to 24 hours for the system to automatically discover the new IP address."

    Yep, just fake news.  Forget it and don't believe such a crap!  If you register coming from your IP address, it is accepted immediately and doesn't need any discovery.  You even don't get a verification e-mail.   You only get it if you do not come from this IP address.

    "At the moment, OpenDNS is successfully blocking the example phishing site, but is NOT blocking the example adult site."

    Yes, this is as it is supposed to be.  Without having registered your IP address you use the OpenDNS defaults, not your dashboard settings.  All normal!

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