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    rotblitz (Edited )

    The domains are what apps or OSes on your devices have looked up to e.g. find their IP addresses or related information.  The root cause almost wasn’t you.  DNS is the phonebook of the Internet, not the phone lines.

    Also, nowadays major websites use a bunch of domains to host their content, not just one domain.  And most browsers have DNS prefetching enabled by default, i.e. they look up any domains in links they ever find on any web page you are just looking at, regardless if you ever want to navigate to there.  You may want to disable DNS prefetching in your browser to produce more meaningful OpenDNS domain stats.

    If you want to see in real-time what DNS queries are being raised and responded to (i.e. to see your DNS traffic) on a computer, you can use this program on a Windows PC:

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    Cool thanks!

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