How to update IP from OpenWRT?



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    Your problem is that you posted this in an OpenDNS forum instead of checking the OpenWRT ressources where this can be easily found.

    It doesn't look like that OpenWRT supports OpenDNS directly.  You may have to send your DDNS updates through DNS-O-Matic to OpenDNS.


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    I have asked the question in both OpenDNS and OpenWRT forums, just in case I did not get any reply.


    DNS-O-Matic is already linked but it still asks for hostname and domain

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    This screen shot significantly differs from the documentation at  :(

    "Under the DDNS configuration section I selected OpenDNS as service provider"

    At the article OpenDNS is not listed as service provider, just DNS-O-Matic is.

    "DNS-O-Matic is already linked"  -  No, it is not, but OpenDNS.

    Let's go through:

    Lookup Hostname: This must be an FQDN to validate your IP address.  Definitely, is not a hostname of yours where your current IP address could be validated with.  This domain is useful only for checking your IP address with a URL in a web browser:
    Instead you must enter a hostname of a DDNS service you have subscribed to, and which you must keep updated in addition to OpenDNS.  (OpenDNS is not a DDNS service, it just uses the same update method.)

    DDNS Service Provider: seems to be correct, although not mentioned at

    Domain: This replaces the domain in the update URL.  In case of OpenDNS it is your network label.

    Use HTTP Secure: You must send your updates over HTTPS.  Only this is accepted by OpenDNS.

    Also, what settings are possible under "Advanced Settings"?  Is this also DDNS related?

    Again, your best bet is to contact support for this specific DDNS client which I could not find at

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    This information is valid for my raspberry pi with OpenWrt 21.02.0 r16279-5cc0535800.

    I had being using dnsomatic in version 19.07 but from the last upgrade the ddns service stopped and shows errors to update IP address of my opendns service throught dnsomatic.

    I Changed it to use opendns directly and it works fine.

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    ticoloco (Edited )

    I was getting "badauth" in the logfile.  Fixed by installing and forcing the use of curl adding option use_curl '1' in the global section of /etc/config/ddns as suggested here:

    [OpenWrt Wiki] DDNS client configuration

    Since somewhere June 2021 OpenDNS gives an error “badauth” when using Wget 1.x or uclient-fetch (the default for OpenWRT 21.02.0).

    Reason: in order to work properly with OpenDNS, Wget 1.x requires the –auth-no-challenge option in its command line.

    Fix: Install and use curl via use_curl = 1 option in the Global section

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