Cloudflare returning 1004 error when updating via Dns-O-Matic



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    This could be related.  No matter what, your best bet is to raise a support ticket.  We other users are hardly in the position to help.

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    I've read the other post. It doesn't seem to apply to my case, since I only have 1 A record to update on CloudFlare and it used to work fine.

    Still no answer from DNS-O-Matic... wondering if they ever respond to anyone who opens a ticket or there's just a problem sending replies to me.

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    That's even more puzzling because I get error 1004 DNS Validation Error, which does not seem to match with the codes and descriptions on that post: they say "DNS Validation Error: invalid or missing name (Code: 9000)" or “Error 1004: Host Not Configured to Serve Web Traffic” or “Error 1004: DNS is still propagating”. Anyway it seems that post is about "while working on the Cloudflare dashboard", not using the API to update a record, as DNS-O-Matic should be doing.

    Also, it says " Look for additional details in the error message you are presented", which only DNS-O-Matic seems to be able to see.

    I've googled for a number of posts about Cloudflare error 1004 and no one seemed to relate to my situation.

    I've also gone through Cloudflare API documentation and attempted to replicate a record update via API using Postman, and I actually succeded without any error.

    So I tend to think there is an issue with DNS-O-Matic, but obviously I don't have an idea of how they use Cloudflare API and cannot replicate it.

    Using DNS-O-Matic used to be quite convenient, but since their support are not responding and noone seems to be experiencing the same issue... I'm considering giving up on DNS-O-Matic and/or Cloudflare and looking for alternative methods to update my dynamic IP on my domain.

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    "Also, it says " Look for additional details in the error message you are presented", which only DNS-O-Matic seems to be able to see."

    And you while visiting your DNS-O-Matic control panel to click on the notepad icon beside the CloudFlare service.

    I understand you have created a support ticket.  Well done!  Staff will care about, no matter if this a DNS-O-Matic problem or a problem on your end.  It can take up to three business days, sometimes more, depending on the number of tickets they got.

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