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    edwins (Edited )

    Completely log out of Umbrella and OpenDNS, Create a Cisco Umbrella account and then you will see the updated interface.  My enterprise account was transitioned to Umbrella during the acquisition, my ACMENEWS account was not.   I have access to both interfaces.   The Cisco Umbrella interface is what is receiving all the attention and updates.  The Umbrella platform has many more features.  Apparently it consists of OpenDNS and other acquisitions rolled into Umbrella.  That being said, I ponder why my second account was not transitioned and if it is still possible to transition said account.

    Here is a link to the official documentation regarding Umbrella:

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    Thank you kindly...

    My apologies for how I phrased my post — i should know not to do certain things (like post and sound jerky, when i was all worked up at the time...)

    I’ll follow through with your advice when I’m able to later today 😇🙏

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