Domain tagging is receiving no votes, has become very slow.



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    The process has changed a while ago, see this official comment.  This may be the reason why domain tagging is slow.  But it was slow before too.  Your best bet is to raise a support ticket, link "Submit a request" above, with the domain names you have submitted under what categories.  Waiting for enough votes (I think it is 5 "yes" over "no") doesn't seem to be efficient.

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    Is there any plan for OpenDNS to integrate machine learning into this (automatic tagging/...)?
    I came back to check out how Domain tagging has been doing and got quite surprised how many sites remain untagged for years (some for nearly a decade).
    Such features (if made possible) will help speed up the process exponentially, thus saving us tons of effort, given how the internet isn't slowing down any time soon.

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    Are you asking us other users?  Well, I'm afraid we can only guess.  If you want an answer from OpenDNS, you raise a support ticket, link "Submit a request" above.

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    human123 (Edited )

    Oh my bad! 🙁
    I thought you are one of their staff cuz I see you giving informative comments very fast on almost every thread I come across...
    I will raise a support ticket then. Thanks for the advice! 😐

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