Network already exists ... well no it actually doesn't ... the IP is mine now so why can't I manage it?



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    "the IP is mine now so why can't I manage it?"

    You inherited an IP address from an OpenDNS user who has still registered this IP address with his OpenDNS network.

    "If I have an IP address assigned to my home connection and can prove it- why do I have to raise a support ticket and wait hours/days to get this service to work."

    Because we other users here in the community forum cannot do something for you.  Btw, you do not have to wait for the support ticket to be fulfilled.  You can obtain another IP address from your ISP.  This can often be achieved by disconnecting from and reconnecting to the internet (not just to the WLAN!).

    "it's a bit ridiculous I can't use OpenDNS servers"

    This is not true.  You're still using OpenDNS, just not your dashboard settings.

    And well, I don't know why OpenDNS doesn't simply set the previous IP address owner's network to "inactive" and accepts it for the current owner.  They may have good reasons.  Maybe IP address spoofing or such, who knows!  You may ask them this question when raising a support ticket.

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    wrd2093 (Edited )

    Thanks  for your reply - this is what I was wondering too (because for semi-static IP sometimes connecting/disconnecting results in same IP) - it would be good for verified account holders to be able "self service" to take over an IP from another OpenDNS account rather than waiting for support (I'm still waiting 12 hours later).  But as you say, maybe IP spoofing is easier than I thought it was.


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    "semi-static IP"

    Cannot be semi-static, else you wouldn't have inherited another IP address.

    "I'm still waiting 12 hours later"

    Propagated response time on tickets is up to 72 hours on business days (Sunday today!), sometimes longer.  Do not expect a response before mid/end of the coming week.  You still can continue to obtain another IP address while remaining disconnected a longer time (an hour or so) from the internet.

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