Need some clarity about using OpenDNS on 2 networks


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    If you have two locations (= two networks), then you need an account with two networks or two accounts with one network each, because an OpenDNS dashboard network is identified by its unique current public IP address.  The problematic bit is that you installed an updater on a roaming device, your laptop.  The updater must always reside in the network which it should keep updated, else you register wrong IP addresses with your networks (for example your friend's IP address or a public WiFi's IP address), and your settings are no longer in effect for the other devices in the home networks.

    As you therefore generally cannot update the IP address information from remote, it does not make sense to run an updater on a roaming device, at least not when away from its home network, defined by the network label configured in the updater.

    If you only have the option to run an updater on this laptop, then use Marc's Updater where you have more options to control updates depending on WLAN SSID and/or the internal gateway IP address, if these are different in your networks.

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