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    What service are you talking about?

    For OpenDNS Home you will know what blocked a domain by visiting
    Why would that have to be chronological?  It will always be blocked for the same reason, no matter when it was blocked.

    Also, if you're "setting up a new account for someone", what service are you reselling here?  It cannot be OpenDNS Home, but probably Umbrella.  Are you an MSP?  And Umbrella comes with chronological activity reports anyway, indicating also the reason for blocking.

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    First of all, I'm not reselling anything. I'm helping a family member setup OpenDNS VIP on his network. But he wants a fairly tight setup with very little access, so I'm turning off pretty well all of the categories, then setting up an extensive whitelist for what he wants. So let's say that he needs to access site-one. Site-one get's blocked but when you look at the blocked domain listing there is no way of knowing what was blocked last. It could be anywhere in the listing. If the listing was chronological I'd be able to quickly track down what addresses needed to be whitelisted. This way, I have no idea, at least in many cases. I've tried purging the DNS cache but it takes hours to start registering on the report. 

    I use OpenDNS myself but don't need the same level of blocking, so it isn't an issue. But periodically I help friends at church with setting up filters, and I'd find this handy. 

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    OpenDNS will not create such a report for you. But you can use exactly for this purpose.

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    Super. Thanks.

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