Why is SSL traffic going to 146.112.255.* and 146.112.250.*?



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Visit ripe.net and enter such a 146.112.* IP address.  You will see that they belong to OpenDNS.

    "why is the destination IP for www.ratesupermarket[.]ca"

    You added this question later on.  And this domain points at, not at, unless you have blocked it at your dashboard, and you are therefore redirected to OpenDNS' block page.

    nslookup www.ratesupermarket.ca.
    Server: local

    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name: ratesupermarket.ca
    Aliases: www.ratesupermarket.ca


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    quentingauthier (Edited )

    Yeah I definitely added that bit about ratesupermarket to add some context to my question. I thought it might provide some insight to what I was asking about.

    I think you explained it pretty well and I appreciate that. I understand that ratesupermarket resolves to Just so I fully understand, when I see SSL traffic to 146.112.250.* that means the domain has been blocked in the dashboard?

    I guess I just didn't know that 146.112.250.* is where block page traffic went.

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    Sure, every SSL (or better TLS) traffic to OpenDNS goes to their IP addresses. What else? This includes blocks and block page redirections, you visiting your dashboard, this forum or any other Cisco/OpenDNS pages.

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