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    Hi dear, man, I’m waiting for an answer to the Ticket for 16 hours already.
    It seems to me here There is Discrimination Based on the Affiliation of the IP Address to a Country.
    For there is nothing Other To Explain such Unfriendly Actions to Resource Users, I can not.

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    rotblitz (Edited )


    Did you really think that we other users here in this public forum could help you with your tickets?  No, we cannot unless you describe the problem you have opened the tickets for.


    "I’m waiting for an answer to the Ticket for 16 hours already."

    16 hours is nothing!  The usual SLA is 72 hours on business hours (Mon-Fri), sometimes longer.  What SLA do you expect for a free service?

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    Hello Team DNS,

    I submitted support request on Wednesday regarding a Network IP address registered under the email I forgot the password and was looking to update the preferences. I used the forgot the password option but it is not send the reset email to my account. Please help me access the account. I initially registered the account under

    Help me out

    Name under account 
    Eyuel Gorfu "

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    It seems you are not sure what e-mail address is associated with your account.  You must check both e-mail accounts for mail from OpenDNS or Cisco, especially the spam folders.  Gmail spam folders are a bit hidden, so you must make them visible first.

    If you are not able to get access to your account again, and you're using the free service, simply forget about your account and create a new one.  If you're using a paid account, you'll have to wait until they respond to your tickets.

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