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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Date/time stamps are available with the DNS Monitoring or Umbrella services only, not with the OpenDNS Home service.  You would have to install a network sniffer in your network or to temporarily use DNS Monitoring to get this information.

    "I'm trying to determine which kid is accessing this xxx site I have had blocked for months"

    Maybe the wrong approach, and you are misled?  How can you know that a human is involved here?  DNS queries are normally not generated by humans, but by networking computers.  And DNS queries are very loosely related to web traffic in form of "accessing a site".  DNS is the phone book of the internet, not the phone lines.

    Another indication is: why should a human be so stupid to attempt accessing a site again and again which is always blocked since months?  This does not make any sense!  Your kid is intelligent, not stupid in such an apparent way.

    After all, this could well be having nothing to do with your kid.  The related domain may appear in another context, e.g. on a web page or link list and is provisionally being looked up by a networking program like a browser.  Browsers have almost DNS prefetching enabled by default.  You may want to disable it to give you more meaningful DNS stats.

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