Bypass Users & Bypass Code L8 error



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    In case your question relates to a Netgear router with Live Parental Controls enabled, follow these instructions, especially from step 10 on.  You will find that you must install Netgear Genie where you want to use bypass accounts, and that you must use Genie to login to a bypass account.

    If your question does not relate to Netgear LPC, then specify what you're talking about.

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    L8 is me or the end user and probably not the sytem.


    After adding user and applying it to the right policy/group, user is still receiving page block.  How does openDNS can recognize the user so it can allow her to by pass.


    Also, the bypass code is also not working.  After adding a code, I still get page block.  I have the feeling that I am still missing a step or two to make these two options to work.



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    You still didn’t say what OpenDNS service you‘re using, but it’s probably Umbrella. You open a support ticket, link “Submit a request“ above. We other home users cannot help here.

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    Apologies, yes it is Umbrella.  I do have a ticket open but they are sending me links to fix it and the fix is not working.  My incident is still open.  After I created the the bypass code, I cannot find how to apply "linked Policies"  to code

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