Number of simultaneous users on OpenDNS Home



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    This is not how DNS works, and there are no "simultaneous users on OpenDNS Home".  DNS doesn’t have a user limit and is not related to connectivity, therefore your problem is unrelated to OpenDNS.  DNS is the phone book of the internet, not the phone lines.

    The problem here is with the bandwidth of your internet connection, i.e. these are limits set by your ISP and the DSL/cable technology being used.  All users must share this 100 Mbit/s.  Especially video streaming is resource consuming.  A home internet connection is not thought to serve up to 30 devices with video streaming.

    Possible solutions are:

    • Get a faster internet connection or multiple parallel internet connections.
      Contact your or another ISP to see what they can offer.
    • If this virtual classroom is the same for all participants, then use one computer and a beamer/projector to be used by all for viewing.
      Contact the supplier of these classes to see what other ideas they may have for your scenario of up to 14 children.
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    philijer (Edited )

    Thank you for your answer.
    Well I know DNS is some kind of Directory for internet sites.
    Yet as OpenDNS offers a filtering I was wondering if this special service could be "moderated".

    I am more now examining the limitation due to my routers that could not handle the number of children.
    It is using SU-MIMO, i will buy a MU-MIMO 4x4 router.
    Hope it will help.



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