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    rotblitz (Edited )

    I do not know if your ASUS router allows to configure different DNS services for the guest network and the normal network.  If so, then this is the way to go.

    Else you configure OpenDNS on the router and the other DNS service on the devices which should not use OpenDNS.  Or the other way around.

    Configuring different routers with different DNS services is also possible.  Not sure if you can connect two routers with your single DSL line though, rather not.  You may need a second internet connection for this purpose.

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    you can setup a router behind router using bridge-mode. If the new router is not capable of doing this, you can still do it manually, just change the default login for each router to different login/router IP address. for e.g the first router would be and make the second one run a speedtest to make sure you have it right. Speed should be similar and not impacted. 

    once you do that you can have your own network with your ISP DNS settings and your kids network with OPENDNS on seperate routers with different wifi name. Of course make sure wifi channels are not the same. 

    Alternatively you can put opendns on each of the kids devices

    Lastly, you can use one router and just change the DNS on your devices to google servers or use a vpn 


    If your kids are just using devices get a screen management app like screentimelabs or disney circle which allows you to block apps, set sleep time and studying time and monitor web and location. This way you can monitor them no matter what network they use in or out the house or even on data plan whereas opendns only works when they on the home network.

    I use screentimelabs on kids devices and cleanbrowsing free family version as my DNS. OpenDNS still lets lots of crap in that cleanbrowsing blocks set all search engines to safemode and youtube to safe mode and I use it with no problem. Of course there is always ways to bypass stuff including DNS filters. Best parenting is to talk to them. 

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