Unable to login using my laptop/Chrome.



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    What service or site are you trying to login to?  And also, what has this to do with OpenDNS?

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    lol... You must be thinking I stumbled upon this forum somehow and I'm asking about signing into Chrome because of the title above my details? xD

    Nooooo... I just found other sign in complaints regarding specific devices or programs... so I thought I'd mention that I am not using an app on my android or other device, but simply through an ordinary computer with the Chrome browser.

    It is clear by the logo at the header that this is a discussion area specifically for OpenDNS.  And the error I kept receiving, while attempting to sign in to OpenDNS, is the one I copied and pasted above...

    But after several attempts to sign in, to OpenDNS, I left it and returned later and was able to sign on without any trouble.

    Thanks, anyway...  Happy Holidays! 

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