Outraged that "pornhub.com" is not blocked under "moderate" filter settings



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    Nobody here can do anything you request above.  We are all users like you, with the same power like you.

    Look, this domain is categorized in the right way.  https://domain.opendns.com/pornhub.com
    Nothing to be added to any list!  If it does not work for you, then you have a problem different from what you think it is.

    Are you using OpenDNS at all?  http://welcome.opendns.com/
    If not, why not?  You must use OpenDNS to get the expected results, of course!

    Copy & paste the complete plain text output of the following diagnostic commands to here, so that I may see what the problem is with your dashboard settings not taking effect.

    nslookup -type=txt debug.opendns.com.
    nslookup whoami.akamai.net.
    nslookup www.pornhub.com.


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    Good morning.

    There is a simple reason that you are still seeing some content from pornhub or any other site that should be blocked by your content filtering settings; The sites were previously visited before you enabled the content filter and you have not cleared your cache (specifically your DNS cache). OpenDNS is blocking active content; what you are seeing is essentially "stored" content.

    For Windows computers... (please do your own research for Apple computers; Google "flush dns cache macOS"

    1. go to your Run|Search bar at the bottom left of your desktop
    2. type "cmd" without the quotes
    3. In the black colored window that pops up (command prompt window) type "ipconfig /flushdns"
    4. open the internet browser of your choice and test the result by attempting to reach "pornhub" or any other site that you were still seeing content.

    On a side note...

    • I'm not affiliated with OpenDNS
    • realize that this is a free service. Your "outrage" should be toned down a bit; especially since this is actually an end user issue and they are not responsible for the state of your computer.
    • it would be in your best interest to upgrade your computer skills so you understand how these things work; the "ipconfig" command is not particularly advanced and is your bread and butter tool for troubleshooting network issues on your computer.
    • you should also learn how to clear the browser | internet cache, history, etc... or purchase a tool that will do it for you (I recommend Glary Utilities from glarysoft.com
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