Regular Comcast IP not picked up by DNS Updater. Losing Internet access after switching off VPN Service


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    "OpenDNS then blocks all traffic coming from this one PC."

    How can you know that it is OpenDNS blocking your traffic?  By the way, OpenDNS as DNS service cannot block traffic at all.

    Also, you should ask yourself what you want to achieve.  Why would you want to switch between a VPN connection and a normal connection?

    "Regular Comcast IP not picked up by DNS Updater."

    If you run the official OpenDNS Updater, this is not able to differentiate between a VPN connection and a normal connection, so it would indeed update with any public IP address it finds for your network.  You better use Marc's Updater instead where you can configure under what connection the updates shall take effect.  The official Updater has not been made to cover an environment with VPNs like yours.

    If these thoughts still do not help, I can then ask you to post diagnostics here, so that I can see more technical details.

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