"Your connection is not private" error message



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    If flushing the browser cache doesn’t help, open a support ticket, link “Submit a request” above.

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    ctang (Edited )

    This is from https redirect, a part of how openDNS works, it is an inelegant way to show openDNS is working... I'll make this easy to understand...

    For example, when you type in "www.facebook.com", your computer asks your ISP's DNS what is the actual IP address of www.facebook.com. For example, let's assume it is Then your browser connects to and shows you the time waster that is FB...

    • Summary, DNS translates human-friendly website addresses to IP addresses, and computers actually use IP addresses to connect to each other.

    Now you are using openDNS, and you decided to block FB to live a real life... when your computer asks openDNS what is the IP address of www.facebook.com, openDNS replies, as example,, which is actually the web address of openDNS's own website that shows a web page to explain that the website you asked for has been blocked.

    • Summary, openDNS works by returning its own "you are blocked" IP address for any website you are blocking, thus your browser cannot connect to the real IP address.

    While this is actually what you want to happen when using openDNS, imagine if someone hacked a DNS and redirecting www.bank-of-america.com to their own fake site. So modern websites have created security certificates to prove they are actually real. When you connect to these secured websites, your browser uses "https" instead of "http" and you will see a padlock in front of the web url if you are using the Chrome browser.

    • Summary, secure websites ensure your browser is talking to the real website by using security certificates.

    However, when openDNS redirected www.facebook.com to its own "you are blocked" site, this site cannot give the real security certificate for www.facebook.com, so your browser freaks out.

    • Summary, openDNS cannot give the real security certificates of the blocked websites, so your browser shows a warning.

    This is not an issue. Once you unblock the websites on openDNS, after 3-5min, openDNS will give the real IP address to the your browser.

    BTW, "umbrella.com" you see in the error message, is the parent company of openDNS.

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