There is no way to disable parental controls on R8300.



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    1: Parental Control links to

          yes this is correct there is LPC (live parental controls) from netgear that partners with open dns. and also there is you can use one or the other if you setup filter on then that is where you need to clear your network

    2: No option to disable OpenDNS, deleting OpenDNS profile also does not resolve

    Correct go to and you can delete your network from open THIS WILL NOT STOP FILTERING to completely stop using web filtering you need to reverse all the steps you took to set it up such as adding the IP addresses to your router  you stated you were using Netgear:

    1. Type the router's setup URL (http://www.routerlogin.nethttp:// or into a web browser address bar. is the default Netgear router IP address.
    2. Enter the password.
    3. Type in OpenDNS addresses, and, in Primary DNS and Secondary DNS fields.
    4. Click Apply button.
    5. Wait for the settings to be updated.

    3: Suggestions are to download Netgear Genie

    not sure what this means

    4: Netgear no longer allows Nighthawk routers to use Genie

    I have a netgear X8 and the genie app has changed but it still works 

    PC download --

    Android --

    5: Nighthawk app does not have a parental controls option available

    Unfortunately here you are correct the Nighthawk app only allows for Disney circle parental control I have no Idea why they did this it is defiantly a crutch to the system

    6: Out of any other options.

    Step 2 is most likely what your looking for 


    not sure if ill get an email on your reply I will book mark and check a few times for next few days good luck 

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    I appreciate the time reviewing the log and the reply however it will not help the scenario at hand. I've added more context below:

    Mentioning #3 & 4 first: Often OpenDNS support points to this support article as a way to resolve the problem at hand. As discussed, if you take a look at the parental settings section when using the Genie application along with a Nighthawk router, you'll see that Genie says the firmware is not supported. There is no way to access parental controls on Nighthawk routers due to this shift made by Netgear. So yes, you can log in to your Nighthawk via the Genie app, but you can hardly do anything. And the "branded" Nighthawk app is missing nearly all advanced router settings. It is so disappointing that such great hardware could be absolutely destroyed by terrible software.

    Back to #2: Yes, I can stop filtering, but I cannot modify/point my DNS anywhere else. I have installed a Pi-Hole on my network and I want to use a different DNS provider but I am unable to do so because of this issue. When logged in to the router, the DNS fields are greyed out. If you try clicking on them, you get the message:
    "The DNS server setup will not take effect due to Parental Controls is enabled. If you need to configure DNS manually, please disable the Parental Controls."
    This is why it is just a continual circle with no support from either side on how to resolve. I understand the majority of the issue is Netgear's fault, however considering OpenDNS is a party involved as well, one would thing they could lodge the issue with Netgear as it is a major design failure.


    Thanks again for the reply


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