DDNS Setup Teltonika 950


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    What you entered into the lookup host field is not an FQDN, but an update URL. You need to enter a hostname (FQDN) which has the WAN IP address of your router assigned, i.e. where an nslookup would show your router’s WAN IP address. Strictly do what the description requires you to do. If you don’t have such a hostname, then you may need a DDNS service in addition. You could also try to use myip.opendns.com as lookup host which has your IP address assigned.

    Then look into your router log to see what it says about the DDNS updates.

    Else you may try with DNS-O-Matic as described in the other thread. But also there you need a hostname.

    Further, in "URL to detect" you better do not use Dyn's/Oracle's host if not using a DDNS service of them.  The appropriate URL would be http://myip.dnsomatic.com/ or http://diagnostic.opendns.com/myip which both belong to Cisco/OpenDNS.

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