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    NOTE:  I don't use TeamSpeak.

    Did you figure this out?

    Does it not stay blocked?  Is the uninstall/reinstall doing a reboot that might be clearing the local DNS cache?

    Is it a portable device that he's taking somewhere else, allowing the IP address to be cached and kept when he brings it back home?  It appears that the TTL=300 so it should require an update by the time he gets it home.  If it's keeping it, the local cache might not be updating for some reason.

    Does it eventually put information in the "hosts" file in %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc after it runs?  (It looks like it specifically ignores the "hosts" file now.)

    Could it have something to do with TS3DNS for Teamspeak [ Bing search | Google search ] for the servers he's connecting to?

    There's some information about resolving names in the forum that might shed some light on the issue:

    No Bug Teamspeak does not respect hosts file - TeamSpeak
    Resolved TS3 server in LAN and hosts file - TeamSpeak

    Again, just some thoughts I had.  Since I don't use it myself, I don't have a way to check it out.

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