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    Yes , there are many many new websites that need to be blocked under Movies. But they are not blocked. Also, manual blocking is allowed only for 25 domains. This is too less.  Please increase this limit to 250.

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    Robert (Edited )

    It would also be nice if new domains that were categorized would be more promptly approved in their categories.  It seems only old tags appear on the OpenDNS Community > Domain Tagging page.  It would make more sense to me to have the default list show the most recent tags applied to domains with no approved tags yet.  This will get the more relevant ones to appear for people to vote on.  Currently, 15 of the 21 showing for me in my most recent load of that page were "Health and Fitness" category tags and the other 6 of the 21 were for the "Adware" category.  A reload of the page produced 14 of 21 for "Health and Fitness", 6 of 21 for "Adware", and the remaining 1 of 21 for "Social Networking", with that last one being for "", which already has 3 approved categories and has been waiting for votes since 2008.  Seems rather useless to me.

    New category additions especially, and maybe even new "Yes" votes, seem more relevant/important to get processed to me.

    I don't know how many "Web Spam" and other such junk (quite often in the .su domain) I've seen appear and submitted that could be blocked for current e-mail campaigns, if only they would be seen to be voted on and approved.

    I'd love to be "trained" and authorized as an approver to at least get some of the obvious ones done.


    Original above:  October 04, 2021 21:18

    2022-06-02 - Edit:

    This has now been submitted as an Idea Bank idea here:

    Domain classification: sort newest to oldest – OpenDNS

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