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    Cisco’s blog entry 2022-02-10
    announces that their core resolvers now support DoT as well as DoH, effective
    2022-01-28.  Since they list the same IP addresses as OpenDNS, and identical
    DoH resolvers and, the implication is both and should work as DoT resolvers!  Verified both work for DoT on
    an Android 10 smartphone with Google Chrome.

    [Method:  Disable DoH in Google Chrome (so it won't interfere):  (3-dots)
    Settings > Privacy and security > Use secure DNS = Off.  Then set DoT on the
    operating system:  Settings > Network & internet > Advanced > Private DNS >
    radio button "Private DNS provider hostname" = > Save.  Use
    Google Chrome to visit, proving OpenDNS is in
    effect.  Then ditto for DoT DNS server, visiting successfully.  Optionally re-enable DoH in Google
    Chrome (which supersedes DoT when browsing):  Privacy and security > Use secure
    DNS = On > radio button "Choose another provider" > pulldown "OpenDNS".  Using
    a Google Pixel (1st. generation) phone, running LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10),
    with Google Apps installed.]

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    Reg Ham



    I am not sure what your question is.  I would recommend that you create a support request so we can troubleshoot the problem further.

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