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    Reg Ham


    The feature you are looking for is not available in the home based account only in the business based Umbrella accounts (

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    Robert (Edited )

    manuel_zoro, thank you for suggesting this so I didn't have to write it up.  I've been thinking about this for a long time (way too long) and finally decided to come here to suggest it and I didn't even have to search to see if it had already been suggested - it was right at the top of the list, #1.  I did make reference to it in a comment I left on the 'filter newly seen domains in opendns home', Idea Bank idea someone else posted. 

    Seeing the response by Reg-Ham, I'm saddened that OpenDNS would only want business-based Umbrella accounts to be able to classify more recently submitted domains and leave others who want to be helpful (volunteers - people so often used for what seems to be everything these days - helping seniors, helping poor/homeless, OpenSource/community coding, OpenDNS, ...) to not even be able to help in a useful way by only being presented with probably the oldest domains they have available to help verify the classification.  I joined this venture/cause/whatever in June 2008 and most, if not all of the domain categories being presented (currently) are from 2008, before I created an account here.  What good is showing me a list of possibly old, expired, abandoned domains that may have even been Approved for another category, yet the not-yet-moderated category appears in this list awaiting my vote, likely to never be approved or rejected.  Here are a couple domain+category examples from today that were presented to me at for me to vote on:

    • OpenDNS Community > Domain Tagging > Details for
      Adware added on 2008-02-25 by Adam    Awaiting votes    ☚ Shown on Page 1 for me today
      Parked Domains added on 2008-03-07 by Larry Gilbert    Approved by jackol
    • OpenDNS Community > Domain Tagging > Details for gooogle.comJust a redirect to now
      Search Engines added on 2008-07-07 by az1    Approved by jackol    
      Visual Search Engi... added on 2015-04-21 by thulu    Awaiting votes    ☚ Added after other categories were Approved/Rejected
      Software/Technolog... added on 2008-02-22 by Jason    Awaiting votes    ☚ Shown on Page 1 for me
      Parked Domains added on 2008-09-21 by billso    Awaiting votes    
      Proxy/Anonymizer added on 2008-04-25 by plc    Rejected    
      Pornography added on 2008-06-30 by msmtcssg    Rejected

    What good does showing those the other categories do for these domains now?  OK, eventually they may be Approved/Rejected, but they're not that important.  I've submitted many domains, typically Web Spam, Pornography, and other such things that are in the wild now, as I'm sure many others have, that would be more useful to be voted on and Approved/Rejected.

    On the [Submit Domains] page, it states at the top, "If the community agrees, the domain is added into the OpenDNS content filtering system."  How does the community ever see it if it's never presented to them?  Does every member have to go vote all the millions of domains*categories already submitted back in 2008 to get those to drop out of their default list of domains*categories they haven't yet voted on?  That just doesn't make sense.

    Why not let "me" (i.e. anyone) be inspired that I'm doing the community some good, whether a home or business-based user, by voting on domains and their categories that have been newly submitted, rather than all the old categories.  Non-business users, who may have more time than business-based users, may even have more time to put toward it.  They also may be "business-based users" who joined the community as home users and took the system to their company, promoted it, and got the company to pay for OpenDNS / Cisco Umbrella services because they liked the service and thought it would benefit their business, whether small, medium, or large-enterprise, but they're not IT, so they have no access to OpenDNS, but may want to help with current threat processing.  Sure they can submit new domains/categories, but it would also be helpful to all if you could get an army of people voting on the newest domain categories.  Could someone abuse this?  Sure, ... but people could abuse it the way it is as well... just go vote anything on the oldest domains until they get to the newer ones.  What a waste!

    The About page boasts about several benefits:

    Domain Tagging makes OpenDNS the easiest way to filter Web content on your network

    • Faster-moving. Verified domains are added to the system immediately, unlike other systems that update once daily.
    • More comprehensive. The system benefits from the knowledge of thousands of OpenDNS users like you. Other services might have 5 or 10 employees verifying sites. We have the entire OpenDNS community.
    • Free. No subscription charges. No hardware or software to buy.

    How do people (free or paying) realize these benefits if new domains/submissions aren't voted on/approved/rejected in a timely manner?  I assume more votes on a domain's category brings it to the top of a domain+category "to-do" list for Moderators.  Let us get to the relevant domains already submitted and vote on them, rather than just everyone submitting domains that may not be seen by anyone else in the community for a while.

    I'd also say that there needs to be some preference toward newly submitted domains based on their first category submission time, but also eventually bring in newly submitted categories.  Or maybe better yet, have a second option/list to do it based on newly submitted categories regardless of when the domain was first added because maybe the domain was repurposed or was lost/abandoned by the original owner and reregistered by a new owner and what was once a Blog or Religious site may now be Pornography.  Having an easy way of seeing a completely new (versus renewed) domain name in the view might be good as well because it could be easily identified that site ownership changed, and the newer categories need to be looked at more carefully and maybe the old ones that were once approved are no longer relevant.  There's risk that a site is eventually recovered by the original owner and returns to its original Blog or Religious category from, let's say something that might be blocked such as Adult Themes, Nudity, Pornography, Web Spam, ..., but someone will eventually find that and request removal of the Approved high-risk category/categories.

    Again, as I wrote in the comment I referenced above, I'd also be happy to be trained as a Moderator and help with the categorization approvals/rejections (or even pre-approvals that get noticed more, awaiting final approval,) but I seem to recall submitting an application long ago and never even hearing back from anyone.  It almost seems that a lot more help is needed but maybe there's no one to onboard new help?

    I've always looked to help more, possibly helping prevent someone's 12-year-old from running into the latest Pornography website, or that business user from being accused of "sexual harassment" when they go to a website that was once an IT website but is now owned by the Porn industry, or maybe was just hacked and launches a new tab/window to that external, yet-to-be-categorized, "Dating" website (not really) showing nude women who "just want sex, not a relationship."

    I didn't intend this to become a book, but it seems it has.  I hope to see this improvement to this piece of the system.  I'd rather vote on something I know could be useful to someone than old, possibly useless categorizations.

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    cruxoooo (Edited )

    I agree. Opendns should update the whole community voting system.

    • Newest on top.
    • Show everyone newly submitted websites.
    • if website is not decided in 3-5 Months, put in on top/priority

    It seems to me, that newly submitted websites in the "pornography" category (or others) are not shown to me. The category says "There are no undecided domains in this category."

    Yet, sometimes if I want to add a website to this category I find out it is already added and waiting for votes. Are there multiple tiers of users? Or are newly added websites not shown? I really would like to help improve the DNS but the current situation is confusing and frustrating.



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    Reg Ham

    In addition, please remember that you can have domains reviewed by creating a support request and we will then ask our research team to review the domain(s) in question.

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    cruxoooo (Edited )

    The amount of adult content on the internet is ridiculous and every bit of help is welcome. If you are reading this and would like to help, here is some advice I can give you.

    • Install an add-on for your browser that fetches all domains from the open website (something like Link Gopher) and another add-on to open multiple websites at once (something like Open Multiple URLs).
    • Always use private windows and turn off only https during the session.
    • Use a search engine that aggregates other search engines—something like mojeek dot com or metager dot de.
    • Do multiple searches with various keywords (you can save your search progress by copying the URL to a .txt file).
    • Only copy domains from Link Gopher and paste them into Open Multiple URLs to open them all.
    • Do not open >50 websites at once.
    • You should be able to visually identify websites that were not blocked. Copy their URLs to a .txt file.
    • Submit the URLs from the .txt file to OpenDNS using
    • Most importantly, do not rely on voting, but create a support ticket where you politely ask your previously submitted domains to be reviewed. Do not forget to add this list of domains to the ticket.

    If more would do this, the OpenDNS adult filters could be vastly improved. Thank you!

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    Gostaria de ajudar também. Como faço?

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