OpenDNS not blocking content



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    Reg Ham


    The problem appears to be that your network card is currently configured to use IPv6 DNS servers as your primary and secondary DNS servers.

    Unfortunately at this time, we are not able to provide content filtering to users who have configured our IPv6 DNS servers on their router or their computers. Details on how to disable IPv6 are available here here: [How to disable IPv6](

    If this does not resolve the problem please create a support request so we can troubleshoot the problem further.

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    You are using BOTH IPv6 and IPv4. If you want OpenDNS to work properly and consistently for you that means configuring things so that all of your DNS traffic reachess OpenDNS, which is what rotblitz suggestions accomplish. Otherwise your choice is to disable IPv6 or to live with inconsistent and unreliable blocking by OpenDNS.



    Rachel Gomez

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